Teoma Naccarato is an interdisciplinary artist/scholar working at the intersection of choreography, technology, and performance philosophy. Her works for stage, screen, installation, and page investigate the body and identity in digital culture.

Naccarato’s choreography has been presented internationally at venues such as SummerWorks (Toronto), Tangente Danse (Montreal), Rapid Pulse (Chicago), the Hemispheric Institute Encuentro (Montreal / Rio de Janeiro / Bogota), ReNew (Copenhagen), Lake Studios (Berlin), and HfMT (Hamburg). Recent publications are featured in peer reviewed journals such as Performance ResearchTempo, Leonardo, and Performance Philosophy. As a Visiting Professor in Dance at various universities, Naccarato has led undergraduate and graduate level courses in choreography, contemporary dance, intermedia performance, screendance, and performance philosophy.

Naccarato holds a PhD from the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University (2019), an MFA in Dance and Technology from the Ohio State University (2011), and a BFA in Dance from Concordia University (2004). She presently lives in Berlin with her cat, and zooms around the world on a daily basis.


The performances and installations below involve dancers, musicians, video projection, and biosensing technologies, presented in a range of audience configurations: in-the-round, 1-on-1, backwards through mirrors, live streaming, etc. Click on the images below for descriptions, videos, and images from each piece.

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Below are links to websites that feature ongoing, collaborative projects in which Teoma Naccarato takes a lead role as an artist and facilitator.


Im/mediations is a performance-based project involving a series of one-on-one encounters online, as well as choreography for live-stream video that moves between stage and screen to explore experiences of being together-yet-apart in virtual contexts.





III is a long-term artistic research and creation project developed since 2014 by choreographer Teoma Naccarato and composer John MacCallum.





Interstitial Listening (IL) is a multi-sensory listening practice, aimed at tuning awareness of how rhythms emerge in movement and music. 





The Provocations Project involves a series of open calls for provocations on questions posed from within and as part of cross-disciplinary communities related to movement, music, and computing.




Dance Computing Studies
Dance Computing Studies (DCS) is an emerging field and international community of artists/scholars concerned with the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of movement analysis and representation across disciplines.


As a dance scholar, Teoma Naccarato engages with feminist, new materialist, and process philosophies to interrogate the sensing and representation of bodies and movement in different disciplinary contexts. Her writing has been published in  journals on dance and somatics, movement and computing, and performance philosophy, reflecting the trans-disciplinary scope of her artistic and scholarly research.

Naccarato, T. and MacCallum, J. (2020) ‘Cutting together-apart (une greffe)’. Performance Research 25 (5), 135-142.

Naccarato, T. (2019) “Re/contextualization: On the critical appropriation of technologies as artistic practice”. PhD Thesis. Coventry University, UK. [Summary]

MacCallum, J. and Naccarato, T. (2019) ‘Collaboration as Differentiation: Rethinking Interaction Intra-Actively’. Performance Philosophy 4 (2), 410–433.

Naccarato, T. and MacCallum J. (2019) ‘The Touch of the Stethoscope : Shaping Context in Intimate Performance’. TEMPO 73 (287), 71–75                                              

Naccarato, T. (2018) ‘Artistic Practice as Research: A Genealogical Account’. in A World of Muscles, Bone & Organs: Research and Scholarship in Dance [online] ed. by Ellis, S., Blades, H., and Waelde, C. 435–455.   

Naccarato, T. and MacCallum, J. (2017) ‘Critical Appropriations of Biosensors in Artistic Practice’. in Proceedings of the Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO). held 2017 at London. 

Kirk, P., Naccarato, T., and MacCallum, J. (2017) ‘Intimate Listening’. Performance Research 22 (3), 57–60      

Naccarato, T. and MacCallum, J. (2016) ‘From Representation to Relationality: Bodies, Biosensors and Mediated Environments’. Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices 8 (1), 55–70

Naccarato, T., MacCallum, J., Boudou, L., and Pelinka, S. (2016) ‘Peripheral Encounters’. Leonardo Gallery Pages 236–245                                    

MacCallum, J. and Naccarato, T.J. (2015) ‘The Impossibility of Control : Real-Time Negotiations with the Heart’. in Electronic Visualisation and the Arts. held 2015. 1–8

MacCallum, J. and Naccarato, T. (2015) ‘Choreography and Composition of Internal Timein SIGCHI Collaborating with Intelligent Machines Workgroup. Held Seoul, South Korea


Guided individual practice of Interstitial Listening now available online!

We’re excited to share the first in a series of online resources for Interstitial Listening. This 90-minute guided practice offers a window into the wealth of exercises, both individual and collective, that we have developed over the years. These initial online resources have been developed through a series of virtual and live workshops with performers …

Im/mediations on the Lake Studios Resident Artists’ Blog

Check out our initial post on the Lake Studios Resident Artist Blog, sharing aspects of the ongoing research and creation process for the Im/mediations Project!. Additional materials will be added here over the course of our residency, up until the final sharing in mid December. https://lakestudiosberlinblog.wordpress.com/2021/06/07/naccarato-maccallum-june-dec-2021