on practice-as-research


Cite: Naccarato, T.J. (2018) ‘Artistic Practice-as-Research: A Genealogical Account’. in A World of Muscles, Bone & Organs: Research and Scholarship in Dance [online] ed. by Ellis, S., Blades, H., and Waelde, C. 435–455.

ISBN: 9781846000836

Key Words:  practice-as-research, genealogy, discourse, ethico-onto-epistemology 

Abstract:  In this chapter I address the processes of exclusion by which the discourse of practice-as-research is constituted and sustained. I ask: what is or is not practice; what is or is not practice-as-research; and why or why not choose to call practice research? By interrogating the boundaries of practice-as-research – within which I practice research – I probe the value systems through which entangled knowledges become differentiated.