Below are links to websites that feature ongoing, collaborative projects in which Teoma Naccarato takes a lead role as an artist and facilitator.

Im/mediations is a performance-based project involving a series of one-on-one encounters online, as well as choreography for live-stream video that moves between stage and screen to explore experiences of being together-yet-apart in virtual contexts.

III is a long-term artistic research and creation project developed since 2014 by choreographer Teoma Naccarato and composer John MacCallum.

Interstitial Listening (IL) is a multi-sensory listening practice, aimed at tuning awareness of how rhythms emerge in movement and music. 


The Provocations Project involves a series of open calls for provocations on questions posed from within and as part of cross-disciplinary communities related to movement, music, and computing.




Dance Computing Studies
Dance Computing Studies (DCS) is an emerging field and international community of artists/scholars concerned with the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of movement analysis and representation across disciplines.