III : Tangente

In this intermedia and interactive encounter, the theatre is turned inside out. The dancers and musicians perform behind us; it is only by way of mirrors that we piece together moments, as if editing a live film from our own perspective. Gradually, we are offered sensory fragments: the reflection of a torso sweeping past; gentle pulsations in the floor; wandering rhythms in the live instrumentation – provoked by the heartbeat of the dancers.  It is difficult to capture anything or anyone, fully. There is darkness and stillness; there is breath; there is physical exertion and exhaustion.  Nothing concludes. Everything assembles and shatters. It shatters like glass, and as we piece the shards back together, unfamiliar forms emerge.

Tangente Danse, April 27-30, 2017, Montréal QC


Teoma Naccarato

Composer & Hardware/Software Design:
John MacCallum

Laura Boudou
Kim L. Rouchdy
Manuel Shink

Anne Bucchi, Percussion
Ryan Kelly, Percussion
Elizabeth Lima, Clarinet

Lucy Fandel
Abe Mijnheer
Bailey Eng

Benoit Larivière

Robert Zbikowski