Gently between us

Gently between us (2011, 25min) is an intermedia dance piece that explores emotional and physical intimacy, mediated via technology. By manipulating four cameras on stage, the dancers connect and depart in flesh and video projection, negotiating geographical and emotional distance. The piece addresses ways in which corporeal and virtual realities coexist, coalesce and contrast one another, assembling and crumbling binaries of body/mind, absence/presence and virtual/real.

Gently between usCollaborators:

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Teoma Naccarato

Performers: Quentin Burley, Fional Lundie, Cheryl Rosario, Erik Speth

Media & Lighting Designer: Shawn Hove

Composer/Live Musician: Tristan Seufert

Video & Projection Operator: Stephanie Danyi

Rehearsal Director: Abbie Zbikowski

Stage Manager: Nicole Gross
Advisors: Norah Zuniga Shaw and Bebe Miller

(EXCERPTS (4min):

(FULL PIECE (25min): youtube