Just Friends

“The crowd pleaser was clearly Montreal’s Teoma Naccarato and Stéphane Gladyszewski.  ‘Just Friends’ is a duet, performed by the choreographers, that shows a relationship on the cusp of turning into something intensely romantic.  Through eye-catching movement, a goodly portion made up of contact improv where they bear each other’s weight in interesting partnering, the two cleverly display the playful banter of friends, punctuated by those moments when desire bubbles up and plunges them into more intimate configurations.  Because the couple begins with a long kiss, the romantic seems to overwhelm the friendly, but one is still acutely aware of their push-me/pull-me feelings, and the piece is engagingly performed by two charming and talented dancers.”

(Paula Citron, Globe & Mail, 08/16/04)


Choreography & Performance:
Teoma Naccarato and Stéphane Gladyszevski
Music: Free Worm


May 30, 2008, Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Canada (Performed with Jonathan Turcotte) http://www.dancepassport.ca/?q=node/248

July 2005, Toronto Festival of Independent Dance Artists, Toronto, Canada
April 2004, Moyse Hall Theater, Montreal, Canada