Teoma is originally from Toronto where she found her way to contemporary dance and choreography via years of training in gymnastics, contact improvisation, Horton, and ballet. Naccarato completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in 2004, and spent several years in Montreal as a freelance performer, choreographer, and dance teacher. From 2004 to 2008 Naccarato created a number of video dance projects exploring intimacy and materiality on screen, as well as video editing as a form of choreographic practice itself. During her MFA in Dance and Technology at the Ohio State University (2008-2011), her interest extended to motion tracking and live-feed video projection in performance, using interactive software to produce simultaneous choreographies on stage and screen. Gently between us (2011), Dirt: cyber-solo (2013), and Experience #1167 (2015) are examples of this, and have been presented at festivals in Canada, Denmark, the US, and the UK. 

Following her MFA, Naccarato held full-time posts as a Visiting Artist in Dance at the Ohio State University (2011), Florida State University (2012), Sam Houston State University (2013), and Concordia University (2013/2014), offering undergraduate and graduate level courses in choreography, contemporary dance, and mediated performance. During this period, she also participated as a performer and choreographer in ongoing research related to performance, technology, and philosophy at the Topological Media Lab (Concordia University), the Synthesis Centre (Arizona State University), and the Centre for New Music and Audio Technologies (UC Berkeley). 

Naccarato met composer John MacCallum in 2013, and they have since collaborated on numerous performance projects under the title III, which take as a starting point the materiality and temporality of the heart. Recent performance works include III: Once Removed, III: Circulation, III: Tangente, and Synchronism, presented internationally at venues such as SummerWorks (Toronto), Tangente Danse (Montreal), Lake Studios (Berlin), PAS (Berlin), and HfMT (Hamburg). In addition, Naccarato and MacCallum have been awarded artistic research residencies at centres such as IRCAM (Paris), CNMAT (Berkeley), Synthesis (Phoenix) Djerassi (San Francisco), Lake Studios (Berlin), and CLOUD/DansLab (The Hague). More information on their collaborative work is available at:

Naccarato’s sustained interest in the aesthetic and ethical dimensions of intersections between bodies and technologies, in particular the use of  biosensors in performance, formed the basis for her doctoral research. From 2016-2019 Teoma pursued her PhD at the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, under the supervision of Dr. Simon Ellis, Dr. Scott deLahunta, and Dr. Sarah Whately. Her doctoral thesis, entitled: “Re/contextualization: On the critical appropriation of technologies as artistic practice”, explores the migration of ‘technologies’ (e.g. tools, techniques, taxonomies, theories) into unfamiliar contexts as a means to probe the aesthetic and ethical boundaries of practices that involve the analysis and representation of bodies and movement—be it in dance, medicine, performance art, or human-computer interaction. In addition, Naccarato’s ongoing collaborative work with MacCallum, as well as dancer Laura Boudou, was presented as part of the practice-based outcome for her PhD in a hybrid workshop/performance event titled III: Circulation. 

As a dance scholar, Naccarato engages with feminist, new materialist, and process philosophies to interrogate the sensing and representation of bodies and movement across disciplines. Her writing has been published in journals on dance and somatics, music and composition, movement and computing, and performance philosophy, reflecting the trans-disciplinary scope of her artistic and scholarly research. Recent publications are featured in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, Performance Research, Leonardo, Tempo, and Performance Philosophy. Naccarato is committed to furthering critical discourse in cross-disciplinary and collaborative work, evidenced in her co-facilitation of calls for provocations and roundtables (see MOCO 2018 and 2019), as well as the current DanceComputing Studies discussion/reading group focussed on race and racism in the performing arts and beyond. 

Naccarato currently lives in Berlin with her cat Shae, and zooms around the world on a daily basis.