_DSC5233In this intermedia and interactive encounter, the theatre is turned inside out. The dancers and musicians perform behind us; it is only by way of mirrors that we piece together moments, as if editing a live film from our own perspective. Gradually, we are offered sensory fragments: the reflection of a torso sweeping past; gentle pulsations in the floor; wandering rhythms in the live instrumentation – provoked by the heartbeat of the dancers.  It is difficult to capture anything or anyone, fully. There is darkness and stillness; there is breath; there is intense physical exertion and exhaustion.  Nothing concludes. Everything assembles and shatters. It shatters like glass, and as we piece the shards back together, unfamiliar forms emerge.


Choreographer: Teoma Naccarato
Composer: John MacCallum
Dancers: Laura Boudou, Kim L. Rouchdy, Manuel Shink
Musicians: Anne Bucchi, Ryan Kelly, Liz Lima
Breathers: Lucy Fandel, Abe Mijnheer, Bailey Eng
Photo/Video Documentation: Robert Zbikowski
Lighting Designer: Benoit Larivière


Tangente Danse, April 27-30, 2017,Montreal QC



Teoma Naccarato (Montreal, Canada / London, UK) is a choreographer and interdisciplinary arts researcher. Through collaborative creations for stage and installation she explores the appropriation of surveillance and biomedical technologies in contemporary dance and performance. Naccarato has shared choreography internationally, including recent presentations of Experience #1167Synchronism, and X. Naccarato holds an MFA in Dance and Technology from the Ohio State University, and is presently pursuing a practice-based PhD at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University. www.naccarato.org/dance

John MacCallum (Oakland, USA / Paris, France) As a composer, MacCallum’s practice is heavily reliant on technology both as a compositional tool and as an integral aspect of performance. His works often employ carefully constrained algorithms that are allowed to evolve differently and yet predictably each time they are performed. MacCallum studied at the University of the Pacific (B.M.), McGill University (M.M.), and UC Berkeley (Ph.D., Music Composition). From 2010-2016 he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT). Since 2017 he has been based in Paris as a postdoctoral researcher with the Extreme Interaction (EX-SITU) research team at Inria Saclay/Université Paris-Sud/CNRS.


Laura Boudou (Marseille, France) is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Since 2013, she has performed professionally with choreographers in France, including Shlomi Tuizer/Edmond Russo, Samir El Yamni, Lionel Hoche, Patrice Barthès, Nicolas Hubert, and Patrick Servius. Boudou’s choreographic work examines the sharing and negotiation of differences within human relationships, to build deeper understanding and intimacy. Recent creations include LOVOL in public space in collaboration with Sophia Boudou Archiecte-scenographe, B333 (2016), and Voile de croissance (2012).

Kim L. Rouchdy (Montreal, Canada) completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in 2015. As a multidisciplinary artist, she studied Set and Costume design for Theatre at the National Theatre School and St-Hyacinthe Cegep. In her current work, these different artistic practices combine to influence and inform her approach. As a choreographer, performer, and collaborator, Kim is active in the emerging arts scene in Montreal, and she has participated in residencies such as Top Chrono (2016), Mi-Lune de Fleur d’asphalte (2016), Nous sommes ici, and LA SERRE-les arts vivants (2015). In 2015 she presented her piece Lumen Extra Terram at the Phénoména Festival. Kim has performed for choreographers such as Hélène Rémoué, Ariane Dessaulles, Chloé Bourdages-Roy and Catherine Laframboise Desjardins.

Manuel Shink (Montréal, Canada) is a recent graduate from Concordia University in choreography, and also completed the dance program at EDCMTL. Manuel has worked with several choreographers such as Harold Rhéaume, Daniel Bélanger, Lucie Grégoire, Andrew Turner, and Eroca Nicols, in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, St. John, and Berlin. With a cinema and photography background, as well as a certificate in psychology, he works his dance material by giving specific attention to rhythm, space, narrative and ambiance. His signature involves sensitivity, naiveté, sensuality and an unpredictable comical touch. He makes use of drag-queen, performance, Butoh, and clown work.


Anne Bucchi (Montreal, Canada) As a percussionist Anne is actively involved in contemporary music and new forms of improvisation, particularly in chamber music and in projects related to dance. She holds Masters in Performance and Music Teaching, a Postgrad in Chamber Music from the HEM in Geneva, and an Artist Diploma from McGill University in Montreal. She also plays flute and tablas. Anne is currently developing a research project on music learning during early childhood, which combines her expertise in music, with her parallel studies in developmental psychology.

Ryan Kelly (Montreal, Canada) is a percussionist gone astray, working on harsh noise and experimental music. He mixes sounds at the limits of his classical training with techniques of electronic music to create noise with programmed and performed (im)precision. He believes that there is something special in sounds that avoid being fixed in notation, that test performer reproducibility and that resist the discretization of the digital, and aims to develop the relations between them into a music that exceeds its own logic. His goal is not to blow out your speakers, but this might be an intermediate step.

Elizabeth Lima (Montreal, Canada) The centerpiece of Elizabeth Lima’s improvisational practice (voice and clarinet) is the emotional response to sound: the human experience and interconnection shared amongst musicians and with the audience. She creates performances in which traditional and extended techniques are combined with theatrical elements.


Bailey Eng (Montreal, Canada) Bailey’s current movement practices stem from contemporary dance, breaking, parkour, contortion, and Chinese pole. She graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in Contemporary Dance, and also studied at L’Ecole Nationale de Cirque and York University. She has done several performances which incorporate dance, circus, and parkour, including work with Andreane Leclerc, La Marche du Crabe, Jeff Hall, and Les Minutes Completement Cirque. In addition to performing, she is also an emerging choreographer and coach of acrobatics and dance.

Lucy Fandel (Montreal, Canada) is a dance artist and writer. She completed a double major at Concordia University in dance and sociology, which sparked her ongoing explorations of social, scientific and artistic methods of learning, femininity and the social body in crisis. She has performed and presented in Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, Art Matters and the Festival International du Film Ethnographique de Québec. She is currently a contributor to The Dance Current magazine, project coordinator for Mouvement Perpétuel (co-directors Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer), and co-organizer of the dance creation lab Nous Sommes l’Été.

Abe Mijnheer (Montreal, Canada) was born in 1992 in Aalst, Belgium and raised in Holland. Abe has a background in soccer, which he gave up to pursue his other great passion: dance. Abe moved from the Netherlands to Montréal in 2012 to begin his BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University, and is presently a student at l’Ecole de Dance Contemporaine de Montréal. Abe has danced for choreographers such as Sacha Kleinplatz and Sébastien Provencher.